Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As the countdown contines...

Hey, so it's been a good few weeks since I've written, and since I was up with the sun this morning, I thought why not?
I know my school schedule for the year in Italy.. It's a duzy

lunedì (Monday):
1-Italiano (Italian)
2-Italiano (Italian)
3-Matematica (Math)
4-Educazione Fisica (Gym)
5-Filosofia (Philosophy)

martedì (Tuesday):
1-Latino (Latin)
2-Latino (Latin)
3-Scienze (Science)
4-Inglese (English)
5-Filosofia (Philosophy)

mercoledì (Wednesday):
1-Matematica (Math)
2-Matematica (Math)
3-Filosofia (Philosophy)
4-Latino (Latin)
5-Religione (Religion)

giovedì (Thursday):
1-Matematica (Math)
2-Scienze (Science)
3-Educazione Fisica (Gym)
4-Matematica (Math)
5-Latino (Latin)

venerdì (Friday):
1-Filosofia (Philosophy)
2-Matematica (Math)
3-Filosofia (Philosophy)
4-Inglese (English)
5-Italiano (Italian)

sabato (Saturday):
1-Inglese (English)
2-Scienze (Science)
3-Disegno/Storia Dell'arte (Design/Art History)
4-Disegno/Storia Dell'arte (Design/Art History)

Plenty of classes.. right. No wonder Italians study so much!! Another scary thing about school: all of these kids have been in the same class together for years, and here I come into the middle of it all foreign and totally out of the loop. Better brush up on my "meeting new people" skills because I have a feeling I'll be using them a LOT.
Here I sit listening one of my favorite bands, Sea Wolf, (and if you don't know who they are, look them up ASAP) and I think about all of the changes.
As I've said before, I'm working my butt off this summer at the beloved Hershey Park as a lifeguard. Luckily, I work with some of the coolest people. Also, HP has some kind of exchange program so we have people from all over the world working with us as lifeguards. They're all really great and love to teach you about their country. I'm learning a little Ukrainian and Russian from them, as if learning Italian wasn't enough on my plate. :P
When I'm not working, I still seem to find myself busy. The case is always "This might be the last time I see you before you leave!" I'm doing everything I can. I've gone to a few parties, seen plenty of movies in theaters, and take the weekly adventure with a friend of choice. :) I love my friends so much. It seems impossible that I could leave them for so long. The worst part, I continue to meet new people, and the thought that runs through my mind then is "that's another people I'll have to say goodbye to." The current count: 43 days left in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania... So much to do, so little time. SO many questions, but the problem is, I can never keep track.. My mind is bursting at the seems..
wow.. Well, all of that just sounds depressing. Let's hit some other, happier subjects.

My host family sounds amazing. The mother works for ENI, and oil company right in the city in which we live, and the father works for a chemical company in Milan, so he's out of town about 4 days a week. My host brother will be in Germany, but I'll have a sister just two years younger than me in the high school as well, even though we'll be 3 grades apart. She plays volleyball, so i was thinking I could join the team this year as well. It would be a great way to "bond" with her. I can't wait.
Well, I must go. Until next time,



  1. Hey so how did you get your school classes? and what kind of school are you going to? Math/ science, art, language?

  2. I'm going to a scientific school that's only 300 meters away from my house. The school website already had my name in the class list, and the schedule was on the website. I also have a list off all of the books i'm going to need this summer.